Creative portraiture is my favorite work. Sometimes, people don’t realize they can express a lot through photography. Let’s create something special for you or for someone. A striking and original piece for your photo album.

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Engagement shoots or just souvenir portraits, let’s capture your best moments as a couple. Strike a pose with your loved one and get a lifetime souvenir from Dublin.



Newborn baby photos with parents in the comfort of your own home. Rather than spending time posing newborns in cute (but unnatural) positions, I will capture the true moments between you and your new addition, in his/her first home. We’ll freeze the details and moments that will be cherished for years to come.


My goal is to take pictures that make people look their best. Party attendees are more eager to share and like the photographs gaining you higher exposure to new potential customers. The main purpose of using photography at a party is to engage with the audience and create a memorable experience.


The most important part of fashion photography is how to translate a story visually, and how to apply a creative style to a certain idea. Over time you will find out exactly what sort of stories you like to shoot, and you will develop favorite lighting scenarios and subject matter. Your photos will start to take on a life of their own!



Natural photos capturing the joy of family and childhood. How about freezing that feeling of happiness with an outdoor photoshoot? The most important element for the photographs to be an authentic representation of your family is to pick an activity that you would enjoy together. Indoor family photoshoots can be as much fun. Let’s meet in a park, at a beach, in your home…


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